Pamoja means together.

During this difficult period, we need to come together to support teachers in any way possible. We have developed a set of supplementary learning materials for pre-primary school children and need your collaboration to spread the materials! 

In order to get these materials you can support through in-kind and/or cash contributions. This will go a long way towards printing and delivering the learning materials to those who need it!


Working together to support all children!

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs on the Impact-A-Classroom programme. 

What is contained in the School Packs?

Each school pack contains a set of 50 curriculum aligned wall-charts. These include wall-charts for level 1(Baby care), level 2(Pre-primary 1) and level 3 (Pre- primary 2).

How do I track my contribution?

We will send you regular updates on the funds raised as well as information regarding the ECD schools where the materials have been delivered to. 

Why do you need my support?

The funds raised from this initiative go towards printing schools packs. Each wall-chart is printed in full colour on durable water-resistant and easy to clean material.  The wall charts are A2 size to ensure clarity and visibility in large classrooms.

What sort of In-Kind support do you need?

The materials need to be printed, laminated and distributed. You can also lend technical support in converting the content to interactive formats for mobile access. 

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