Level 3 Kena, Bint and Tosh ECD Posters

Level 3 Kena, Bint and Tosh ECD Posters

    ECD LEVEL 3 contains 20 Posters available in 3 different sizes (A1-Giant, A2-Medium, A3-Small)

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Titles Contained in Level-3 ECD Pack include

 Level 3 Addition At the hospital  At the market  Clock 
Addition  At the Hospital  At the Market  Clock
 Colors Days of the week   measurement Colours Mixing 
 Colours  Days of the Week Measurement Mixing Colours 
 Public holidays my school  Nature  Objects found at the hospital 
 Months of the Year  My School Nature  Hospital
Sources of water   Taking away  Objects found in the classroom Things found on the teachers table 
Sources of Water Subtraction  Classroom Classroom Desk
 Time of the day Forms of transportation  Uses of water  Weather 
Time Transportation Uses of Water Weather