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how to use the posters

The Kena, Bint and Tosh™ ECDE posters are visual reference guides that provide young children with immediate and accessible information for learning. Read more...

how to buy our posters

You can:

- Place an order online

- Download order form, fill it & send it to us

- Contact our sales agents.


Impact a School you like!

impact a school you like

Buy a school pack for any school of choice (the school you attended, one that your kids attend or any school in your community) and have your name and message on each poster.

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So what's in it for you (For Organizations, Groups and Individuals)?

  1. Positively engage with local communities.
  2. Corporate sponsors can print their logo, company specific information and educational message on a defined section of each poster.
  3. Your one-off investment creates a long term impact and your message lasts for long since the posters are printed on durable canvas material.

How your message will appear on the Posters:
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impact a school you like