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How to use the Posters

how to use the posters

The Kena, Bint and Tosh™ ECDE posters are visual reference guides (use pictures, diagrams, and vocabulary appropriately) that provide young children with immediate and accessible information for learning.

The posters contain curriculum based ECDE content for ECD level 1 (Babycare, ages 2-3), Level 2 (Pre-primary one, Ages 4) , Level 3 (Pre-primary two, Ages 5); such as numeracy skills, social skills and beginning vocabulary, against a familiar backdrop of references  that children will recognize in their everyday life.



 Here are some useful tips on using our Posters for great impact in your classroom:

  1. Designate a wall for the posters. This will be the Learning Wall.
  2. Keep the posters out of sight until you introduce a new topic.
  3. Introduce a new topic, as appropriate, during lessons and place the corresponding poster on the Learning Wall. You can additionally add the childs work/drawings and  other manipulatives on the Learning Wall.
  4. Set aside about ten minutes of your lesson time to review the poster. The more you refer to the poster and other content on the Learning Wall, the more the children will do the same. As a general rule, it is important that you show children how to use the Learning Wall and encourage them to post their own work around the poster.
  5. Once all the topics have been introduced, place all the posters on the Learning Wall to act as quick revision materials.

Why use the Kena, Bint and Tosh™ educational Posters in your classroom/home:

  1. Majority of children are visual learners and respond well to a more vibrant learning environment
  2. Our wall posters act as easy, effective reference materials for young learners and help emphasize significant concepts in a fun, relevant and engaging manner.
  3. Our posters are designed to provide “on-topic” targets for young learners ‘wandering minds’ making learning more memorable and effective.